Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Stephen Amell says Matt Smith would be 'hired immediately' for a role in Arrow

Can you believe his Doctor Who's Matt Smith might show up in Starling City.

Arrow executive producer Andrew Kreisber is a major nerd & geek (just check out the numerous geeky references made on Arrow and you’ll see) and a massive Doctor Who fan to.

His current goal? Most likely to nab the former Time Lord himself for a guest role on the CW's superhero drama series—according to the show’s star himself.

Stephen Amell, who stars as Oliver Queen on Arrow, told SciFiNow:

“Andrew [Kreisberg] is such a Whovian, so if you were to say to him right now, ‘Number one guest star actor/actress, who would it be?’ Clearly it would be Matt Smith."

“I can tell you that if there was even the faintest chance that he is available, he would be hired immediately. They would probably hire him to take my job, they love Doctor Who so much.”

If Matt Smith signs up for an Arrow role and i guess it may not happen before Smith finishes his run of murdering psychopath Patrick Bates in the American Psycho musical which opens in London in December, he’ll be the third Doctor Who alum to appear on the series. 

The first being John Barrowman, aka Captain Jack Harkness, who’ll be back for season two. The second one is the Doctor’s wife herself, Alex Kingston, who played Dinah Lance in three episodes.

Wouldn't it be cool to have Matt Smith show up on Arrow.I would be saying it's the doctor the entire time how about you?

(Via: SciFiNow )

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