Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Jeri Ryan to star in new Syfy thriller 'Helix'

Jeri Ryan will star in Syfy's new Tv thriller, "Helix," the channel announced it Tuesday. Science-fiction fans should be excited because they are familiar with Ryan for her role as Seven of Nine on "Star Trek: Voyager."

More recently, though, she played Dr. Kate Murphy on ABC's "Body of Proof." She was also a series regular on "Boston Public," CBS' "Shark" (with James Woods) and NBC's "Dark Skies," among others.

The "Helix" cast also includes Billy Campbell ("The Killing") and Hiroyuki Sanada ("The Wolverine"). The show is produced by Ronald D. Moore ("Battlestar Galactica"), show runner Steven Maeda ("Lost," "The X-Files") and Lynda Obst ("Sleepless in Seattle," "Contact").

A little about "Helix" The series follows a team of scientists from the Centers for Disease Control who travel to a research facility in the Arctic to investigate a potential outbreak of disease. While there, they find themselves stuck in a life-or-death situation that could decide the fate of the future of mankind. It will run for 13 episodes.

Ryan plays Constance Sutton, the owner of Arctic Biosystems, where the series takes place. Campbell plays Dr. Alan Farragut, who heads up the CDC research team that is investigating the outbreak and Sanada is Dr. Hiroshi Hatake, the director of Arctic Biosystems.

The 13 episode Gripping thriller, drama series will debut in 2014.

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