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AWSOME Sci-Fi Theme Park With an Alien vs. Predator Ride and more!

Looking for some sci-fi movie-themed attractions to visit on your next vacation? Well Of course you are!
Twentieth Century Fox has been trying to up its presence in theme parks for more than a decade now. The studio's first attempt at a park of its own -- Fox Studios Backlot in Sydney, Australia -- closed in 2001 after just two years of operation, and it's spent the last several years licensing properties like The Simpsons (which will have attractions in Universal Parks) and Avatar (which will have attractions at Disney parks) to other theme park companies. Now the studio seems ready to jump into the full-scale theme park business again.
The company has just announced an agreement with Resorts World Genting to open a Fox theme park in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, by 2016. Properties including Night at the Museum, Alien and Predator are expected to be featured at the park, which will be built on the site of the Genting Outdoor Theme Park and feature more than 25 rides spread out over more than 25 acres. The current park will close this September so the $125 million building project can begin.
There's no word yet on exactly what kind of attractions we can expect for each particular film property, but we're definitely dreaming of an Alien vs. Predator experience, or at least a ride that lets us pretend we're Colonial Marines.
What do you think? Would you visit a full-scale Fox theme park?
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Brand New S.H.E.I.L.D. Video Introduces New Agent

Brand new footage shows off a mysterious new agent in the upcoming t.v. series Agents Of S.H.E.I.L.D.. The Agent's name is Agent Melinda May played by actress Ming-Na Wen, and in the video we get to see a bit more of her backstory. Ming-Na Wen may look familiar to Stargate fans as she played Camile on Universe. Agents Of S.H.E.I.L.D. debuts Tuesday, September 24 on ABC.

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How that Batman vs. Superman movie just messed up Arrow's crossover plans

The team behind The CW’s hit series Arrow have been weaving as much of the DC universe as they can into the comic-based show, but it sounds like DC's new big-screen plans might’ve just derailed phase two before it even gets started.
The series, based on the Green Arrow comics, has featured a fair share of DC villains and characters from around the canon — but the “Holy Grail” has always been the Batman stuff, specifically the character Nightwing.
So what does the big-screen teamup Batman vs. Superman mean for those hopes? Apparently very bad things, because it will probably mean the entire Batman mythos will remain off limits for good.
Here’s what producers Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim had to say:
"We've heard the fans and we're very well aware that they would like to see Nightwing and various other Bat-characters on the show. [But] that is a little bit out of our control, [and] I think [that movie] announcement made it a lot more out of our control! ... We're like fanboys and it's wish fulfillment for us every time we put a new DC character on the table.”
So, sorry, Arrow fans, it looks like we’ll have to stick to the Green Arrow canon for the time being, with a few DC morsels sprinkled in where they can. Which characters do you most want to see pop up in Starling City?
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Awesome guy proposes to girlfriend at Comic-Con in costume!

Robin and Ivy sitting in a tree ...
You never know what's going to happen at San Diego Comic-Con. Guest stars, surprise, pilots, comic announcements.
But the surprises aren't limited to panels for TV shows and movies. At this year's Harleypalooza, fans came out in droves dressed as members of Batman's infamous rogues gallery. There were a lot of Robins and Poison Ivys. One pair in particular surprised the heck out of everyone when Robin (whose real name, apparently, is Dan) got down on bended knee and ...

On the steps of SDCC in front of your fellow cosplayers? We can think of worse ways to propose. And we have on good authority that, unlike the realm of fiction, this story had a happy ending -- with 'Ivy' saying yes.

We assume that, this time, Dick and Pamela will kiss without the use of wax lips.
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Amy Pond's Outfit from 'Vincent and the Doctor'

This is the totally cute outfit that Amy Pond wore from Vincent and the doctor. But how can karren be wearing a mini skirt in the snow...crazy HUH!!!

The trench coat is the main thing in this outfit and its good to keep you warm and dry too its a really nice coat don't you think! :D £7o at House of Frasier to get this coat

This red v neck appears a lot in Amy's outfits, but i'm not complaining because it is super cute £12 at marks and spencers

I think a scarf was a good idea to keep Karren warm in this episode it's a really pretty scarf. £5 from Marks and Spencers

You can't see the skirt that Amy is wearing in this episode because it is covered by her coat but i think its a rey one and for only £9.99 at it's pretty cute huh!

Tights to keep you legs warm. £2 Dorothy Perkins

These Boots are the exact ones from the episode. £119 at there may look good here but they look better in person!

Amy's necklace is back again! £17.89 at argos is the price a love this necklaces i just love the way the font looks!

So there we have another one of Amy's outfits there for all of you. Tell me what you think in the comments!

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Now that Comic-Con International attendees have had some time to eat, sleep, wash off their face paint and pack away their blasters and batarangs, it’s time to look back at some of the most memorable moments of the expo.

“It’s a place where you can be who you are, or who you want to be,” said David Glanzer, spokesman for the San Diego convention, which wrapped up Sunday. “I think for a lot of us who grew up and our interests weren’t always necessarily in the mainstream, it’s great to pal around with 134,000 people who probably share your interests.”

Here are are top 10 moments from Comic-Con 2013, as well as a few honorable mentions. Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments.

10. Zombies invade the Gaslamp Quarter

It seems apt that the undead had such a presence in San Diego this year since it is the 10th anniversary of Robert Kirkman’s acclaimed comic series “The Walking Dead.” In addition to panels for the comic and the television show it spawned, Comic-Con was the scene of some pretty rad zombie cosplay, The Walking Dead Escape zombie obstacle course, and the seventh annual Zombie Walk, a sort of undead parade through the streets of San Diego.

9. Fans (and celebrities) get their costume on

Cosplay, a mix of costume creation and role-playing, is one of Comic-Con’s oldest traditions. Spandex-wearing superheroes, helmeted space troopers, sword-wielding warriors and plodding robots were all part of this year’s show floor pageantry (check out the photos here). Even celebrities got dressed up for Comic-Con — “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston cosplayed on the exhibition floor as his character Walter White. “I used a higher voice,” Cranston told Hall H during the show’s Sunday panel. “It was fun getting to meet all of you, and you got to meet me.”

Cranston also attached the mask to his microphone and costar Aaron Paul made out with it, as Hero Complex contributor Patrick Day reports, but that’s another story.

8. Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” is back in the spotlight

Neil Gaiman’s seminal comic “Sandman” was back out of the Dreaming and into the waking world at Comic-Con. The DC/Vertigo myth-and-literature-rich dark fantasy epic’s 25th anniversary was celebrated on the cover of the official souvenir book every attendee received and on one of the convention’s official T-shirts. Gaiman and artist J.H. Williams III were both the subjects of spotlight panels, in addition to a “Sandman” program on Saturday, previewing the upcoming “Sandman: Overture” miniseries.

When Gaiman was writing “Sandman” in 1988, he wrote for himself and his colleagues. “Now I’m doing it for millions of people, and in my head they’re all looking over my shoulder while I write and they’re all going, ‘This better be worth waiting for. It better be good,’” Gaiman said. “So that is actually genuinely nerve-racking.”

Though story details for “Overture” are scarce, Gaiman promises his first Sandman tale in 10 years will be a “very, very strange book,” Hero Complex contributor Blake Hennon reported.

7. “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” brings the laughs

Joss Whedon screened his anticipated new Marvel Television/ABC pilot “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”  on Friday, revealing a superhero show firmly in the humorous Whedon mold, Hero Complex contributor Rebecca Keegan reported.

Clark Gregg, whose well-liked character Agent Phil Coulson was dramatically killed off in “The Avengers,” received a standing ovation from the audience in the convention center’s 5,000-seat Ballroom 20. In the new show, Coulson is resurrected and assembles a team of espionage and law enforcement agents. Despite an ambitious action sequence, most of the show’s firepower came from its witty dialogue, which was peppered with sly winks at fan culture. Which is just fine with us.

6. The heroines of YA fiction shine

Actresses like Jennifer Lawrence and Shailene Woodley are in the spotlight as Hollywood continues to draw from young adult fiction for sci-fi and fantasy tales featuring young women in empowered roles. Lawrence, the newly anointed Oscar winner who plays heroine Katniss Everdeen, was her usual mixture of honesty and self-deprecating humor during “The Hunger Games” panel on Saturday. And the “Catching Fire” trailer debut elicited raucous applause from the Hall H audience, Hero Complex contributor Nicole Sperling writes.

Meanwhile, Woodley’s overwhelmed response to questions during Thursday’s “Divergent” panel was sweet and earnest. “There are so many of you guys out there,” the wide-eyed actress said when asked a generic question. The film, based on Veronica Roth’s series of novels set in postapocalyptic Chicago, is highly anticipated by fans of the books.

5. Andrew Garfield charms as Spider-Man

At Sony’s Hall H panel on Friday, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ star Andrew Garfield made a dramatic entrance dressed as Spider-Man.
“I come to Comic-Con every year,” he said, in character. “It’s the only place I feel normal and I can blend into the crowd.”

Footage from the film, which revealed some of villain Electro’s (played by Jamie Foxx) origin story, drew applause and cheers, and Garfield continued to charm the audience with his stunning mix of humility, honesty and that old-fashioned British charm, Hero Complex contributor Nicole Sperling writes. He also defended his previous remarks that he could see Spider-Man being in a gay, interracial relationship.

“Spider-Man stands for everyone, ” Garfield said. “He’s covered head to toe. You don’t know his race, his sexuality. He stands for the underdog. He stands for those who need protecting.”

4. Fans interact with their heroes

A huge part of Comic-Con is the opportunity for fans to interact with their favorite actors, directors, comic-book creators and other pop-culture idols. That spirit was exemplified by several actors and creators this year. Throughout the weekend, “Doctor Who” stars Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman drove around San Diego, rolling down the window to compliment “Doctor Who” cosplayers, the stars revealed during the show’s Sunday panel. At Syfy’s Friday panel for its series “Haven,” nearly every fan who participated in the Q&A portion got a hug from a panelist, Hero Complex writer Jevon Phillips reported. And during DC Comics’ “Superman: The New 52 Era” panel on Sunday, “Action Comics” and “Superman” writer Scott Lobdell showed off a homemade comic given to him by a 9-year-old girl who creates under the pen name Amy Elk. Impressed with her “Blue Bird,” he said, “So years from now when we’re at a convention and Amy Elk is up here with us, I want you to remember that this was her first comic.”

Ms. Elk came to the microphone during the Q&A session to ask why two titles she liked – “Superman Family Adventures” and “Tiny Titans” – had been canceled, Hero Complex writer Blake Hennon reported. After DC Comics co-publisher and “Superman Unchained” artist Jim Lee talked about the importance of the kids line and what’s coming up, he asked her to come back next year and tell them how they’re doing. The young comics fan had a second question: Does Superman ever smile?

“Unchained” writer Scott Snyder said that  the hero will “smile pretty big” after he emerges victorious from his tribulations in the series. And DC Entertainment marketing’s John Cunningham, the panel’s moderator, awarded her a prize for her question: a Superman hat with the hero on the brim, smiling. Awww.

3. “X-Men: Days of Future Past” cast makes surprise visit

The entire cast of “X-Men: Days of Future Past” — including Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman, Peter Dinklage, Halle Berry, Nicholas Hoult, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Evan Peters, Shawn Ashmore and Omar Sy — assembled on the Hall H stage in a surprise appearance during the Fox panel Saturday afternoon.

McKellen got the biggest laugh during the presentation. The openly gay actor and activist said he felt “safe” returning to California after Proposition 8 was dismissed, and then turned to Fassbender and said, “I’m looking for a husband. It’s great to meet you, Michael.”

2. Superman and Batman will face off on the big screen

The announcement of a planned Superman-Batman film was no doubt the biggest news to come out of Comic-Con. During Saturday’s Warner Bros. panel, surprise guests “Man of Steel” director Zack Snyder and actor Harry Lennix unveiled the news, reading an excerpt from Frank Miller’s landmark comic “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns”: “I want you to remember, Clark, in all the years to come, in all your most private moments, I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you.” Then, Superman’s logo appeared on the screen, the Batman symbol faded in behind it, and the Hall H audience erupted in cheers and screams.

Henry Cavill will reprise his role as Superman. The film will be written by Snyder and “The Dark Knight” trilogy co-writer David Goyer. Batman has yet to be cast. Hero Complex contributor Nicole Sperling broke the news early.

1. Marvel: Loki steals the show

Marvel’s show-stopping panel presentation on Saturday featured an introduction by “Thor: The Dark World” actor Tom Hiddleston in full Loki costume. “You should have let me rule you when you had the chance, yet here you are,” Hiddleston told his adoring Hall H audience. “Your ears yearn for untold stories. Your eyes crave unseen sights. Your imaginations ache and hunger. Where are your Avengers now?”

For Hiddleston, the surprise appearance was “a top-secret stealth mission” involving a Jango Fett disguise, Hiddleston told Hero Complex editor Gina McIntyre. Hiddleston described the epic performance as his biggest stage show ever. “There was a sort of electric-charged atmosphere with the audience,” he said. “When I walked out onstage, I was confronted with a wall of sound and fury, to quote the Bard. It was extraordinary.”

Extraordinary, indeed.

Honorable mentions:

Surprise appearance by the cast of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and “Doctor Who” alum Karen Gillan revealing her bald head, newly shaved for the role; the over-the-top marketing campaign for Legendary’s upcoming “Godzilla” remake; Peter Dinklage’s dry wit wins the audience over during the “Game of Thrones” and “X-Men: Days of Future Past” panels; Comic-Con bids farewell to outgoing “Doctor Who” star Matt Smith; and Metallica makes its Hall H debut and rocks San Diego.
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Spoiler alert: this blog discusses plot points from past seasons of various TV shows, including Dexter, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Sherlock and More 

Now the dust has settled on this year's San Diego Comic-Con International and we've had a chance to sift through the nerdgasms, geekouts, what have we learned from the TV panels?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

After he wrangled the characters of four blockbuster franchises for Avengers Assemble, Joss Whedon's place at the helm of the good ship Marvel seems assured. Comic-Con may not be where you find the most unbiased of audiences, but judging by the whooping after they watched the pilot episode, it looks as if Whedon is going to be able to turn that goodwill into a TV show that sits at the heart of the Marvel universe even without calling on any of the costumed heavyweights – there's no Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man or even Deadpool. "We may see some people, and we may see some new people from the Marvel universe – but the most important thing is that we see these people here," Whedon teased, pointing to his new cast assembled for the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division. Which of course includes Clark Gregg – who credits "badass geeks" around the world for bringing Agent Coulson back from the dead. "I didn't like being dead – but I really liked my death," he said.

Breaking Bad

It's an understatement to say that Comic-Con attracts people who know their way around the dressing-up box. But there was one outfit that stood out – or rather, didn't. The prize for best costume goes to Bryan Cranston, who elevated the whole game with his cosplay-selfie: walking out into the public arena wearing a Walter White Heisenberg mask. During the panel, we learned that the moment where Walt throws the giant pizza up on the roof of the garage was a "one-take" move, and that the writers came up with the "improbable but not impossible" story of "the evil juice-box man" to explain how Walt almost killed Brock (the son of Jesse's girlfriend Andrea) – crushing up some lily of the valley, sneaking into Brock's school and swapping his drink carton for a poisoned one. Bring on season five, part two.


Creator Dan Harmon was ejected from Community's hotseat after the end of season three, and very publicly slagged off season four under the stewardship of Moses Port and David Guarascio. Now he's back. Awkward. Luckily, nothing says "sorry" like donning an Iron Man suit ("I am billionaire playboy and creator Dan Harmon") and calling yourself "a creepy jerk" while modestly offering: "I'm not saying I have created a machine that eats pain and crafts joy …" Alongside Jim Rash (Dean Dean), Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley), Alison Brie (Annie), Ken Jeong (Chang), Danny Pudi (Abed) and Gillian Jacobs (Britta), Harmon revealed that "six seasons and a movie" is still the dream – but that his focus is on the next 13 episodes. There will be another animated episode (though no specifics on the style this time round), they've lined up a sequel to the Dungeons & Dragons episode, and they've planned a proper send-off for Troy. Cool-cool-cool.


Time for the Comic-Con audience to say goodbye to one of TV's most enduring serial killers. Dexter himself, Michael C Hall, was joined by some of those who didn't quite make it to the end of the run: Erik "Doakes" King, Lauren "MarĂ­a LaGuerta" Velez and Julie "Rita" Benz, with the Trinity Killer, Jon Lithgow, appearing via video ("Hello, Dexter Morgan fans. I wish I could be with you but, as you all know, I'm dead."). Hints about the end of the final season were suitably thin on the ground:

Charlotte Rampling plays Dr Vogel, a character who will "reframe" Dexter's origin story, and Yvonne Strahovski is returning as Hannah: "No one knows whether her motivation is based on revenge or love or what".

Game of Thrones

The clans of the seven kingdoms were in 
force on the Westeros panel – including a run-on return for Jason "Khal Drogo" Mamoa (prompting a quick burst of "My sun and stars!" from Emilia Clarke). After another bloodthirsty season, the In Memoriam clip seemed fitting, reminding us of some of the cast we've lost along the way: 

Kraznys (don't mess with a dragon lady), a selection of Robert's Bastards, the Thirteen and of course, the Starks' ever-expanding graveyard. Writer David Benioff was pleased to note the attitude of the book fans when it comes to revealing spoilers for the TV audience

once he realised that Ned Stark's fate had remained a surprise, he knew they'd be able to pull off events such as the Red Wedding. George RR Martin said that he'd be open to writing a prequel (although not one featuring any Ned), even though "the locomotive is coming up behind me and I'm still laying the tracks". Fans (and the TV crew) would probably be more happy if he gets round to finishing the last two books in the series first.


Alongside fellow writer Mark Gatiss and producer Sue Vertue, Steven Moffat pretty much repeated the "tell 'em nothing, leave 'em wanting everything" schtick that he turned in at the Doctor Who panel. As well as saying we'd get more Mycroft, no Moriarity and an assurance that all the clues to explain Sherlock's survival are there in the Reichenbach Fall episode, he did offered up three words to lead us into season three's The Sign of Three: "rat", "wedding" and "bow".

The Walking Dead

As we see from the season-four trailer, Rick and the extended group from some of the Woodbury survivors are back in the prison. It's still surrounded by walkers – and it looks as if someone is coordinating a series of walker breaches into the perimeter. Could it be the Governor's handiwork? As ever, the producers promised that season five will be "way crazier" – and what could be crazier than Carol's "welcome to knives" school class?

The X Files

It's not just living TV shows that get a hearing at Comic-Con. The cast and crew of one of the all-time TV sci-fi greats were on hand to soak up some 20th anniversary reunion applause: Mulder and Scully (Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny), plus creator Chris Carter and writers Vince Gilligan, James Wong, Howard Gordon and the Morgan brothers. Gillian Anderson, who's been having something of a small-screen renaissance with The Fall and her excellent cameo in Hannibal as Dr Lecter's shrink, was quick to shut down any possibility of a return to the series, but did say she'd be up for a third film. Of the show's writers, Vince Gilligan's memories stood out: without The X Files there would have been no Breaking Bad ("It was like going to film school, except getting paid to attend") and it's where he first met Bryan Cranston, who guested as Patrick Crump in an episode called Drive.


Marvel Films showed off footage from its upcoming space opera, showcasing the new additions to its cinematic universe – including Chris Pratt as half-human hero Star-Lord, Zoe Saldana as alien assassin Gamora and Dave Bautista as burly warrior Drax the Destroyer. Former Doctor Who companion Karen Gillan provided the shock of the convention, whipping off a ginger wig off to reveal a newly-bald bonce for her role as space pirate Nebula.    

The film's billed as "an anti-hero superhero movie," and it's Marvel's biggest gamble to date – a space opera with few connections to Earth as we know it, and a cast of outlandish characters including Groot (a talking tree) and Rocket Raccoon (a, er, anthropomorphic raccoon). Mind you, people said that Thor would be too much of a stretch for cinema-goers, and that's turned out well enough…


The highlight of the convention was undoubtedly Tom Hiddleston's ham-tastic performance as Loki, introducing new footage from Thor: The Dark World in full Asgardian regalia.

The film itself looks set to invert the plot of the original; instead of Thor being sent to our world, here it's Natalie Portman's Jane Foster who's the fish out of water in Asgard. Rather wonderfully, she gets to smack Loki in the chops ("That's for New York!"). Expect plenty of action, too – no surprise, given that the film's directed by Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor – with Thor battling a giant rock monster.


Warner Brothers took to the stage to announce the sequel to Superman film Man of Steel – and this time around, Batman is along for the ride. Man of Steel writer David S Goyer and director Zack Snyder are returning for the sequel, which will reportedly be inspired by Frank Miller's seminal 80s Batman comic The Dark Knight Returns. However, the Dark Knight himself, Christian Bale, won't be returning for this movie – it will, according to Warner Bros, kickstart a new Batman franchise.


In a bid to outdo the official Marvel Studios movies, 20th Century Fox has stuffed its new X-Men film with almost every actor to have appeared in the franchise over the last decade – and they all turned up for Comic-Con.

The biggest X-Men news from the convention? Game of Thrones' Peter Dinklage has been revealed as playing Bolivar Trask, creator of the mutant-killing robot Sentinels. Director Bryan Singer also revealed key details of the plot, which will follow Hugh Jackman's Wolverine as he travels back in time to avert a mutant apocalypse – by teaching the young Professor X (James McAvoy).


The Avengers sequel isn't dropping until 2015, but we now have a few tantalising details about the superhero royal rumble courtesy of director Joss Whedon. Avengers: Age of Ultron will feature the killer robot Ultron (unsurprisingly) though it won't be based on the recent comic-book miniseries of the same name.

In the comics, Ultron's a sentient robot created by scientist Hank Pym – also known as Ant-Man. Although The World's End director Edgar Wright is working on an Ant-Man movie, that element of Ultron's backstory won't feature in the Avengers sequel. Instead, it's likely that Tony Stark will be the brains behind the robot.  Whedon's also revealed that the film will be "globetrotting" and "darker," and that Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye will have more to do this time around – not being possessed and all.


It's the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who this year, and the BBC's celebrating its long-running sci-fi series in style – with a special episode that'll team up Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor with his predecessor David Tennant. As well as sending Smith out onto the convention floor in disguise as Bart Simpson, the BBC also revealed some tantalising details of the special – the Daleks will be back, while it's looking increasingly like John Hurt is playing a previously-unseen Ninth Doctor.

A trailer for anniversary docudrama "An Adventure in Space and Time" also got an airing – featuring David Bradley in a melancholy turn as William Hartnell, the first actor to play Doctor Who. It's packed with recreations of the original 1960s series, including vintage Daleks and the old-school Cybermen that were realised with sticky tape and a bag over their heads.
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