Friday, September 20, 2013

Artist Celeste Pille Reboots Skimpy Female Superhero Costumes To Be More Practical

Have you ever wondered how all those female superheroes would manage to fight crime in those skimpy leotards? Truth is, they probably couldn't.

Artist Celeste Pille, who took a commission from BuzzFeed to attempt creating more functional and realistic costume redesigns of 12 female superheroes that have quite impractical costumes.

"I love a cute leotard, but if I were to actually send these women out to fight evil, I’d make sure they have proper breast support, flesh protection, and no clothing that rides up the butt," Pille said on her Tumblr

With all of that in mind, Pille got to work on coming up with redesigned costumes for female heroes like Scarlet Witch, Huntress, Powergirl and more.

We've gathered our top 5 outfits but you can view them all here.

What do you think, should Marvel & DC Comics be using some of these designs?
(Via BuzzFeed)

Black Canary





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