Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The UK trailer for the Sci-Fi horror, The Last Days On Mars

There are clear and obvious trailers between this low-budget sci-fi horror and Ridley Scott's Prometheus, including the pacing of the trailer and the numerous suggestions of body horror. But considering has a much smaller budget than Scott's offering, The Last Days On Mars looks extremely slick, with some decent sets and solid special effects.
Movies set on Mars often have mixed fortunes - back in 2000, Red Planet duelled with Brian De Palma's Mission To Mars, and neither did particularly well at the box office - but the cast is great, and we're excited to see what sort of otherworldly horrors it has in store. We see glimpses of something gooey; is it a body-melting space virus, or something sentient, like the beast in The Thing or Leviathan? Whatever it is, it's sure to ruin Liev Schreiber's day.
We're still awaiting a UK release date, but when we get one, we'll pass it along.

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