Thursday, July 25, 2013

Amy Pond's Outfit from 'Vincent and the Doctor'

This is the totally cute outfit that Amy Pond wore from Vincent and the doctor. But how can karren be wearing a mini skirt in the snow...crazy HUH!!!

The trench coat is the main thing in this outfit and its good to keep you warm and dry too its a really nice coat don't you think! :D £7o at House of Frasier to get this coat

This red v neck appears a lot in Amy's outfits, but i'm not complaining because it is super cute £12 at marks and spencers

I think a scarf was a good idea to keep Karren warm in this episode it's a really pretty scarf. £5 from Marks and Spencers

You can't see the skirt that Amy is wearing in this episode because it is covered by her coat but i think its a rey one and for only £9.99 at it's pretty cute huh!

Tights to keep you legs warm. £2 Dorothy Perkins

These Boots are the exact ones from the episode. £119 at there may look good here but they look better in person!

Amy's necklace is back again! £17.89 at argos is the price a love this necklaces i just love the way the font looks!

So there we have another one of Amy's outfits there for all of you. Tell me what you think in the comments!

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