Thursday, October 17, 2013

Glee Ending After 6 Seasons?

"Glee" is officially ending after Season 6, and series co-creator Ryan Murphy told reporters he knows how he'll end the singing dramedy next season.

The original plan, according to Murphy, was to end with Cory Monteith and Lea Michele's characters. But in the wake of Monteith's tragic death in July, Murphy had to re-think his planned ending.

"The whole [last] year of the show -- which will be next year -- was really designed around Rachel-Cory/Finn story," Murphy said, according to EW. "I always knew that. I always knew how it would end. I knew what the last shot was -- he was in it. I knew what the last line was; she said it to him. So when a tragedy like that happens you sort of have to pause and figure out what you want to do."

Murphy said he thinks the new ending is "very satisfactory" and still honors Monteith.

Fox has yet to officially confirm "Glee" will end after Season 6. In August, Fox's president of entertainment, Kevin Reilly, told reporters that "Glee" was likely coming to an end after Season 6.

“I would not anticipate it goes on,” Reilly said, according to Give Me My Remote, when asked about the future of "Glee" after Season 6. "Never say never, but there’s two very clear arcs to get to there and conclude. If we discover a new crop of kids and there’s some breakout, who knows. But right now, it’s being treated as two seasons [and then done]."

"Glee" star Chris Colfer told HuffPost Live in August that he's fine with the show ending after Season 6.

"Where would you go after a sixth season? I think six is a really good number and it's a good amount of time to spend with these characters," Colfer said.

(Via HuffingtonPost)
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How Likely Is It That We Get Another Pacific Rim Movie? Del Toro Updates Us.

Are we going to get another Pacific Rim film filled with Jaeger vs. Kaiju epicness?

In an interview promoting this week's Blu-ray release of Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro confirmed that he and Pacific Rim screenwriter Travis Beacham are at work on the sequel, though at this point they're not sure if anything will move past the script phase.

"No, we are writing the sequel. Travis Beacham and I are writing, so that is active," del Toro said. "The decision to green light or not, that’s definitely above my pay rate."

That's encouraging news, though it's always possible the studio execs will take a look at what del Toro and Beacham are planning and get cold feet. But del Toro believes the box-office numbers are only part of the story. It's his hope that, as he and Beacham develop Pacific Rim 2, the first film's fanbase will be a vocal built-in audience waiting for another movie.

"To me, what was beautiful and flattering was how people saw the movie not once or twice but three, four times or more. People that love it, love it with great passion. So I would love to continue telling stories about that world."

Of course, del Toro's still got the pilot of his upcoming The Strain TV series to get through, as well as his next film, Crimson Peak, before he can get around to making this hypothetical sequel, but at least he's already putting some energy into it.

What do you think? Are you hoping for another Pacific Rim film?
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Watch this guy dressed like Gandalf try to stop people from passing him

Remember that time Gandalf stood bravely against the Balrog at the Bridge of Khazad-dûm? This is DEFIANTLY nothing like that.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if anyone other than Sir Ian McKellen played the part of Gandalf? Well, wonder not, because we've discovered the answer in an unexpected place -- 

New York's Central Park.Well the movie is continuing its Movies in Real Life series by having an actor stand on Bow Bridge in a robe and beard and declare to anyone walking on it, "You shall not pass!"

I have seen Gandalf the Grey, sir, and you are no Gandalf the Grey.

Now if Sir Ian were there, I'm pretty confident some people would definitely not have passed.

Tell us what you thought of this hilarious video in the comments?

(Via Uproxx, Blastr)

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

See 1st official pics from Doctor Who's 50th anniversary episode

Finally! The BBC has released the 1st official stills from its upcoming Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special. Allons-y! and Geronimo!

The six new gloriously awesome stills from the upcoming Big 5-0 anniversary bash “The Day of the Doctor” show Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, David Tennant’s Ten and John Hurt’s very timey wimey mysterious Doctor.

Also featured are the Doctor’s current companion Jenna Coleman back (of course) as Clara, and Jemma Redgrave as the late Brigadier’s daughter Kate Stewart. Conspicuously missing are any pictures of Billie Piper who is also back as Rose Tyler.

Have a look at those awesome pics, and let us know what you guys think. Are you exited for the 50th anniversary special episode?

"The Day of the Doctor" will be aired on TV simultaneously across the world where the show airs on November 23rd, as well as in cinemas in gorious 3D. See you there!

(Via BBC Doctor Who,Blastr)

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tron Writer Replies To The Haters & Gives Us Sequel Updates

After waiting more than two decades for it, fans were quite mixed on what they thought of Tron: Legacy once it arrived. Now the Tron writer Adam Horowitz has finally opened up about all the hate.

After hearing so much grumbling since the film’s 2010 release, Horowitz still sounded gracious about the opportunity he had to make the flick — and potentially continue it with a sequel. The story was a bit of a mixed bag, and Horowitz said he has taken those complaints to heart, but tried not to lose sight of why he wanted to be involved with Tron in the first place.

Here’s an excerpt from his impressively candid chat with Forbes:

“Every movie gets a mixed reception to some extent. And whatever the critics said or didn’t say, we were very humbled by the praise and humbled by the criticisms. But, what really meant the most to me is, and I remember this very fondly, which was opening weekend of the movie, driving over to Burbank and going into one of the theaters in there that was packed and seeing kids who were my age, when I saw the original TRON, staring up at the light jets. And like that’s all I needed — because that was like I got to see myself in that audience. And that’s what Eddie and I were hoping to achieve, which was we’re fans and if we can create new fans in that franchise, which I think and hope we did, then I feel like it was mission accomplished. And if we’re lucky enough to continue on with the franchise, we only want to keep making it better.

You know, it’s a learning process. And that’s the thing. You read reviews and the thing with it is your job, as a reviewer, is so hard. You got to sit there and you got to take in the whole of the experience and then kind of make something of it. And maybe you get to see it a few times when you get to do it. So for us the perspective is, like with TRON for example, it’s been three and a half years working on that movie. So it’s like every decision that happened and everything that appeared on that screen there’s a reason for it and some things happen for different reasons – and some things happened as happy accidents or not. And you just try to take the things that you think really worked and kind of grow on them and move forward and improve upon them. And if something didn’t work, you try to take it as a learning experience. And I think reading the reviews, we love to hear what critics say, what the fans say. And it’s because that’s where we came from too. And, you know, we’re big boys – look, it’s the job. We are so lucky to be able to put stuff out. So if we’re gonna be lucky enough to do that we’ve got to be able to hear what comes back at us. And, you know, ultimately we’re doing it for you guys. So, you know, have at it.”

Wondering about a sequel? Well, Horowitz tells that it is still "chugging" through being developed and they're hoping to announce something soon.

What do you guys think? Could a 3rd film save Tron?

(Via Forbes, Blastr)
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Here's how you can be in Snyder's Batman/Superman movie this weekend!

Looks like the Batman/Superman movie is shooting this weekend -- and you could actually be in it!

According to East Los Angeles College Campus News (via Latino Review), the still-to-be-officially-titled sequel to Man of Steel is filming a crowd scene this Saturday evening (Oct. 19) at East Los Angeles College's (ELAC) Weingart Stadium during halftime of that day's Huskies game.

The first 2,000 attendees who find seats in the area of the stadium that's being filmed will get a free T-shirt designed by director Zack Snyder. Here's part of the official news announcement:

"Warner Bros. Pictures announced through a press release that Snyder and producers of the film are looking for people in the Los Angeles area, preferably ELAC students, to be extras for the upcoming film.

The stadium will be made into the backdrop for a football game between Gotham City University and rival Metropolis State University.

The first 2,000 people who sit in the filming area of the stadium will receive T-shirts designed by Snyder for those participating in the filming and prizes will be raffled throughout the night.

The crowd will sport Gotham City's colors, black and gold.

The film will shoot three takes of three plays during halftime. The crew will be capturing the actors and crowd’s reactions."

ELAC’s College event and Venue Coordinator, Ernest Burnett, said that the filming will be about 20 minutes during halftime. The second half of ELAC’s game will follow the film shoot.

The announcement goes on to say that Snyder decided to use ELAC's stadium to support the college and its community, bringing some revenue into the school.

Of course, this raises some big questions -- the biggest being, has the movie officially started shooting yet?

The answer is that Snyder is probably looking to capture some footage early -- second unit type stuff -- that he might not have a chance to grab later. He needed a crowd scene at a stadium, saw an opportunity to film one, and went for it. 

We doubt that any major scenes involving Ben Affleck's Batman and/or Henry Cavill's Superman will go down this weekend, although they may be added in at later date.

Strangely, Christopher Nolan filmed the destruction of Gotham's pro football stadium for The Dark Knight Rises (although that was shot in Pittsburgh). We have to wonder -- is Gotham's college football stadium next?

So if you're in the Los Angeles area this weekend and want a chance to get your face on camera for Batman/Superman (or whatever it ends up being called), get down to ELAC this Saturday!

(Source: Blastr)
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Monday, October 14, 2013

Scary Halloween Costumes

Here are some of our favorite scary costumes for this Halloween. that sure will be sure to impress you and your friends hope you enjoy!For men and women teen and tween that are super spooky!

Red Carver the Clown Adult Costume -$49.99 Click here

It's no wonder people are afraid of clowns! Clown around in this costume and you'll scare the pants off of just about anyone. The Red Carver the Clown adult costume transforms the nicest person into a deranged clown with a killer smile - you just add the killer style to knock 'em dead this Halloween.Click here!

Walking Dead Bunny Slipper Girl Adult Womens Costume -$49.99 Click here

Eat all the brains you can handle when you wear this officially licensed Walking Dead Bunny Slipper Girl Adult Women's Costume. Pink robe features blood spatter, bullet holes and torn soaked shoulder and comes complete with attached blood stained shirt, matching shorts, slippers and blonde wig.

Scarecrow Adult Costume -$49.99 Click here
Put the "scare" in Scarecrow when you wear this adult Scarecrow costume that is truly frightening. No birds will roost on your broad shoulders - one look at that face and they're gone like the wind! Add menacing behavior and nasty noises for a spook-tacular Halloween.

Teen Girl's Night Zombie Costume -35.14 on sale Click here
Next Halloween, relive countless low-budget horror films with this Night Zombie teen costume. Made from polyester, this two-piece costume includes a jagged-hem tank dress and tattered zombie leggings

Wolf Shirt Adult Costume -$32.99 Click here
Disclaimer: This Wolf Shirt Adult Costume is not silver-bullet proof. That said, take a walk on the wild side this Halloween in this scary Halloween costume featuring a Latex chest piece with hair trim. And put the Howl in Halloween with a Werewolf Mask, sold separately.

Monster Bride Tween Costume -$44.99 Click here
They'll be in stitches when you show up in this amazing black and white Monster Bride tween costume. No detail is overlooked from the amazing top and tutu skirt, to the veil with hair clip and even fingerless glovelettes.

Smiffy's Women's High School Horror School Girl Costume -$39.99 Click here
Relive high school when you wear the High School Zombie Girl adult womens costume. The tattered and blood-spattered gray, white and red uniform-inspired jacket of this zombie costume features an attached shirt and comes complete with a tie and plaid skirt.

Teen Sassy Chucky Costume -$27.99 Click here

As if the antagonist from Child's Play, Chucky, wasn't terrifying enough, now we've devised a way for teenaged girls to dress up as him. When your little girl has grown out of playing with dolls, and decides that she wants to go out on Halloween as one reanimated by the soul of a santeria-practicing serial killer, then the only place to turn is this website

The Walking Dead TV Show Adult Deluxe Decomposed Zombie Costume -$39.41 on sale Click here
100% Polyester Hand Wash Decomposed zombie latex mask, keep clean by wiping with a damp cloth, works for wiping off zombie germs, too Molded chest with attached shirt topOfficially licensed from amc film holdings, llc, the walking dead is the ultimate zombie for every season
Combine with rubie's the walking dead tv-inspired accessories and weapons Creepy fun for every day, not just for halloween

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What it Would Look like If Superheroes Were on Instagram

What it Would Look like If Superheroes Were on Instagram.
I don't really follow many celebrities on Instagram probably becauce i don't have a instagram, But I could definitely see myself getting seriously involved with the social media presence of some of my favorite fictional characters, namely superheroes. And you just KNOW Spider-man would photobomb every chance he got. Since it's such fun to imagine what superheroes would be like in real life (and since comic book and social media nerddoms should merge more often), let's take a moment to imagine what it would be like to follow your favorite Marvel characters on Instagram

As we know, Peter Parker is quite the accomplished photographer. When he isn't busy creepin' in the background of other people's photos, I bet he would post some awesome shots. 

I know thor would brag about being a god on ANY social media outlet.... 

Wolverine would probably only go on Instagram about once a year (on account of being constantly annoyed with everyone), but when he did, he would post things like this.

Captain America 
If Marvel characters were on Instagram, 90% of the fun would come from watching Tony Stark troll on everyone. Poor, puny Steve Rogers.

Invisible Woman 
Selfies are much less obnoxious when you can't actually see the person, don't you agree?

(his fingers are way too big to type coherent sentences on tiny smartphone screens)

Iron Man 
If Tony Stark doesn't gain over 1 million followers within a day of joining Instagram, there is truly no justice in the world. #betterthanbieber


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