Thursday, October 17, 2013

How Likely Is It That We Get Another Pacific Rim Movie? Del Toro Updates Us.

Are we going to get another Pacific Rim film filled with Jaeger vs. Kaiju epicness?

In an interview promoting this week's Blu-ray release of Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro confirmed that he and Pacific Rim screenwriter Travis Beacham are at work on the sequel, though at this point they're not sure if anything will move past the script phase.

"No, we are writing the sequel. Travis Beacham and I are writing, so that is active," del Toro said. "The decision to green light or not, that’s definitely above my pay rate."

That's encouraging news, though it's always possible the studio execs will take a look at what del Toro and Beacham are planning and get cold feet. But del Toro believes the box-office numbers are only part of the story. It's his hope that, as he and Beacham develop Pacific Rim 2, the first film's fanbase will be a vocal built-in audience waiting for another movie.

"To me, what was beautiful and flattering was how people saw the movie not once or twice but three, four times or more. People that love it, love it with great passion. So I would love to continue telling stories about that world."

Of course, del Toro's still got the pilot of his upcoming The Strain TV series to get through, as well as his next film, Crimson Peak, before he can get around to making this hypothetical sequel, but at least he's already putting some energy into it.

What do you think? Are you hoping for another Pacific Rim film?

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