Monday, October 14, 2013

What it Would Look like If Superheroes Were on Instagram

What it Would Look like If Superheroes Were on Instagram.
I don't really follow many celebrities on Instagram probably becauce i don't have a instagram, But I could definitely see myself getting seriously involved with the social media presence of some of my favorite fictional characters, namely superheroes. And you just KNOW Spider-man would photobomb every chance he got. Since it's such fun to imagine what superheroes would be like in real life (and since comic book and social media nerddoms should merge more often), let's take a moment to imagine what it would be like to follow your favorite Marvel characters on Instagram

As we know, Peter Parker is quite the accomplished photographer. When he isn't busy creepin' in the background of other people's photos, I bet he would post some awesome shots. 

I know thor would brag about being a god on ANY social media outlet.... 

Wolverine would probably only go on Instagram about once a year (on account of being constantly annoyed with everyone), but when he did, he would post things like this.

Captain America 
If Marvel characters were on Instagram, 90% of the fun would come from watching Tony Stark troll on everyone. Poor, puny Steve Rogers.

Invisible Woman 
Selfies are much less obnoxious when you can't actually see the person, don't you agree?

(his fingers are way too big to type coherent sentences on tiny smartphone screens)

Iron Man 
If Tony Stark doesn't gain over 1 million followers within a day of joining Instagram, there is truly no justice in the world. #betterthanbieber


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