Saturday, September 21, 2013

J.J. Abrams Comments On Benedict Cumberbatch STAR WARS Rumor

When the initial word of Benedict Cumberbatch's involvement in J.J Abrams' new Star Wars flick hit it was almost immediately dismissed as fan casting, before being denied by the actor's reps. But the rumor refused to go away, with the latest report from Latino review claiming that Cumberbtach is definitely, 100% in the movie (and the next two films in the new trilogy), no matter what he or anyone else involved may say to the contrary. Well now we have a quote on it from Abrams himself, who was quizzed about the rumor by LA Times reporter Yvonne Villarreal Who tweeted :

"JJ Abrams on #StarWars: "We're working our asses off trying to get things in place w/ casting." Benedict Cumberbatch? "I love that guy."

Hardly confirmation, but far from a dismissal at the same time. Of course Abrams' secrecy and fondness for deception also has to be taken into account, and he may just be keeping the rumor mill spinning. What do you guys think?

(Source: Comic Book Movie)

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Friday, September 20, 2013

PHINEAS AND FERB Voice Actor and Latina Christian Serratos Cast As Rosita Espinoza landing roles in walking dead [SPOILERS]

Vincent Martella Phineas and Ferb Walking Dead

If you thought one of the voices in the recent season 4 teaser for The Walking Dead sounded familiar, you were correct. Vincent Martella, who plays Phineas Flynn on Phineas and Ferb has joined the cast. Martella plays a character named Patrick who becomes friendly with Carl Grimes. "He’s right around Carl’s age,” said Martella. “He’s a little bit older. He’s one of the new people who Carl gets a little closer with. Carl hasn’t really had anybody his age, so now you kind of get to see Carl’s relationship with people his own age and that’s one of the things that Patrick is bringing to the show.” 

Without giving any spoilery details away, this casting and new friend for Carl immediately brings to mind a certain chapter from The Walking Dead comic book that's a real defining moment for Carl. However, it's very likely the showrunners are well aware that readers of the comic book will immediately make such an assumption. Given the show's history, there's a high chance that they will try to spin those expectations for a surprise. 

Also: Christian Serratos, known for her "Twilight" role, Angela Weber, will be joining season 4 of the hit AMC series as the tough and beautiful Rosita Espinosa. In the comics, Rosita makes her debut in Issue 53 alongside Abraham and Eugene, fellow survivors of the mysterious zombie apocalypse that has taken over the planet. She's in a relationship with Abraham, and she's the object of Eugene's desires.

Serratos is set to recur in Season 4 with an option to become a regular in Season 5. No word yet on whether the characters of Eugene and Abraham will also be introduced next season, but MTV pointed out that there are a few holes with the timing of Rosita's appearance. In the comics, she doesn't show up until after a major series of catastrophic events that mostly haven't occurred on the show just yet. They question if this means mass-tragedy and upheaval is on the way sooner than anticipated, or if Rosita will be folded into the series ahead of her comic book counterpart.

Joining the show as a regular in the new season is "The Wire's" Larry Gilliard Jr., who has been tapped to play Bob Stookey, "a former Army medic who is deeply haunted by his past -- both before and after the apocalypse." Returning stars who have been promoted to series regulars include Chad Coleman (a fellow "Wire" veteran), Sonequa Martin-Green and Emily Kinney.

Serratos, born Christian Marie Bernardi, is a Southern California native. She will celebrate her 23rd birthday at the end of this week. Growing up, she studied dance and ice-skating. Her resume includes time as a Ford model. She has been a teen TV staple, playing roles in several Nickelodeon series as well as "7th Heaven," "Hannah Montana" and "The Secret Life of the American Teenager." The actress also has a single episode of "American Horror Story" under her belt. She is scheduled to be in the upcoming features "7500" and "Broken Doll."

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The Walking dead season 4 poster
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Artist Celeste Pille Reboots Skimpy Female Superhero Costumes To Be More Practical

Have you ever wondered how all those female superheroes would manage to fight crime in those skimpy leotards? Truth is, they probably couldn't.

Artist Celeste Pille, who took a commission from BuzzFeed to attempt creating more functional and realistic costume redesigns of 12 female superheroes that have quite impractical costumes.

"I love a cute leotard, but if I were to actually send these women out to fight evil, I’d make sure they have proper breast support, flesh protection, and no clothing that rides up the butt," Pille said on her Tumblr

With all of that in mind, Pille got to work on coming up with redesigned costumes for female heroes like Scarlet Witch, Huntress, Powergirl and more.

We've gathered our top 5 outfits but you can view them all here.

What do you think, should Marvel & DC Comics be using some of these designs?
(Via BuzzFeed)

Black Canary




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Arrow Season 2 New Pics, Plus New Characters

We get to see another side of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) in some new pics from Arrow season two, as well as the introduction of former Firefly star Summer Glau.

Glau (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Firefly) will be joining the series as businesswoman Isabel Rochev, who will become partners with Oliver to help run Queen Consolidated. Up until this point, Oliver has been too preoccupied with kicking ass to do much business — so it’ll be interesting to see him try to balance both worlds in season two.

Very Batman-like, if you think about it.

We also get to see the old gang back together, with Diggle, Felicity, Roy and Thea making an appearance. We even get a few shots of island action, with Slade and Shado mentoring young island Oliver.

Though new shows are debuting left and right, we still have to wait until Wednesday, Oct. 9, for the return of Arrow. So enjoy these pics — because they’ll have to last you a few more weeks.

(Via TV Line And Blastr)

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

First Look: Can Arrow Tame the Bronze Tiger?

Arrow's central bow-slinger will be facing more than just inner demons when the superhero hit returns for Season 2. "Michael Jai White is playing Bronze Tiger and he is such a badass," executive producer Marc Guggenheim says of the claw-bearing killer about to rock Starling City. "His performance, our kick-ass stunt department, our incredibly talented costumer designer, and our very gifted props master...they've all combined their A-games to create a really great representation of this DC Comics character."

White will debut in the season's second episode, which finds Stephen Amell's vigilante Oliver Queen drawn into a battle of pure brawn with the Suicide Squad member better known as Ben Turner. "He's basically the best of the best, so he has come to Starling City to see if the Hood can give him a challenge," previews Guggenheim. "To that end, he has aligned himself with China White [Kelly Hu] and the Chinese Triad."

So is this guy (who is set to recur) gonna bring the kind of feral ferocity and martial-arts mayhem he's known for in the comic books? Guggenheim promises it: "If you're a fan of the character from the comics, you are going to really happy with his Arrow-fication."

Arrow's second season premieres on Wednesday, Oct. 9 at 8/7c on The CW.

Source: TvGuide and Deadline
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It Seems Marvel's Getting Another Show Prepped To Join S.H.I.E.L.D. On TV

As the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premiere looms, Marvel looks poised to expand its TV universe even further.

Deadline's Nellie Andreeva has word that Marvel has taken inspiration from the "Agent Carter" one-shot short film on the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray and started working on a TV series "inspired by" the short. Agent Carter, in case you don't remember, is Peggy Carter, the British agent who started a World War II romance with Captain America in Captain America: The First Avenger, only to lose him to an icy plane crash. The "Agent Carter" short features actress Hayley Atwell reprising the role and kicking ass as a spy, and it seems Marvel wants to see more.

According to Andreeva, the show is in the "very early stages" and looking for a writer. It's also reportedly "one of several" new series the company is working on. There's no word yet on who might be on board for this project, or even if Atwell would be willing to take up the Peggy Carter role for a long-term commitment like a television series. It's also worth nothing that Marvel hasn't even confirmed that this development is true yet, but if it is, it could be a very promising project, particularly if Peggy's niece Sharon (who'll be played by longtime TV actress Emily VanCamp in Captain America: The Winter Soldier) is along for the ride.

So, if this whole Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. thing takes off (and we have very high hopes), we could get another action-heavy spy series from Marvel in short order. What do you think? Are you ready for an Agent Carter show?

(Via Deadline & Blastr)
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The UK trailer for the Sci-Fi horror, The Last Days On Mars

There are clear and obvious trailers between this low-budget sci-fi horror and Ridley Scott's Prometheus, including the pacing of the trailer and the numerous suggestions of body horror. But considering has a much smaller budget than Scott's offering, The Last Days On Mars looks extremely slick, with some decent sets and solid special effects.
Movies set on Mars often have mixed fortunes - back in 2000, Red Planet duelled with Brian De Palma's Mission To Mars, and neither did particularly well at the box office - but the cast is great, and we're excited to see what sort of otherworldly horrors it has in store. We see glimpses of something gooey; is it a body-melting space virus, or something sentient, like the beast in The Thing or Leviathan? Whatever it is, it's sure to ruin Liev Schreiber's day.
We're still awaiting a UK release date, but when we get one, we'll pass it along.

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Unused Star Trek 2 prop designs reveal alien civilization cut from script

You know that opening chase scene on the alien planet in Star Trek Into Darkness? Apparently it was supposed to be a whole lot bigger.

Concept artist John Eaves has revealed some new sketches from J.J. Abrams’ latest Trek sequel, and dropped some knowledge about how that opening changed during the development of the film.

Apparently the opening on the alien world (which is a catalyst for a lot of the narrative with the young Enterprise crew) was originally conceived as a much larger segment. So Eaves was commissioned to develop some designs for the alien civilization. From spears and weapons to weird saddles, he did a lot of work that wound up on the cutting-room floor.

Another cool tidbit? He also designed the cool  phasers used by the crew of the U.S.S. Vengeance. Check out Eaves’ explanation of the designs below: 

“As time went on, script changes started coming in and the grand alien nation and village shrunk in size drastically to fit budget constraints. By the time the film came out there was not much more than a chase scene through the jungle and the interior of a massive volcano. A great deal of the props we designed also got the axe and very few got any screen time. As in any art department, the process is design away like there is no limit and then, as budgets start to be put in place, the art is toned down by leaps and bounds.”

Check out the pictures below and let us know what you think about the alien culture we mostly didn't see?

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Justin Bieber Teases Internet With Robin Role, And Batman Vs Superman Script Based On Dark Knight Returns…

Justin Bieber Up for Robin, a Superman/Batman script called Batman Vs Superman, and based on the The Dark Knight Falls chapter of The Dark Knight Returns, where Batman fights Superman, crediting Frank Miller and Klaus Janson…

In which Robin was a young woman called Carrie Kelley. Hmm.

Unless of course, as he tweeted hours before…

Do you think Justin Bieber is Robin in Batman Vs Superman?

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Friday The 13th In Smallville, Sort Of....

There’s always another Friday the 13th on the calendar. I think there will also be Friday the 13th: Crystal Lake Chronicles, which is sort of a Smallville. We’ve been on-again off-again with that for years and there are a bunch of great stories to be told, but I think the way that it’s finally going to get delivered is not through a conventional television network, but through the Internet. I can’t tell you who the delivery people will be, but it won’t be the traditional route. There’s also the possibility of webisodes…

Source: Bleeding Cool

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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Star Wars Collection That Made It Into The Guinness Book Of World Records

What's contained within the largest Star Wars collection? Let's find out.
Steve Sansweet might be the world's biggest Star Wars fan. We don't know, because there's no way to measure that. But the Guinness Records folks can count the amount of items within a collection, and they've dubbed Sansweet's to be the largest, with somewhere in the ballpark of 300K pieces.
But what treasures can be found in the 9,000-square-foot museum dubbed Rancho Obi-Wan (converted from a chicken ranch) located in Petaluma, Calif.? Well, if you can think of it, it's probably there. A full cantina that sways to the music, multiple Darth Vader helmets, life-size figures (some made entirely from Lego) a full arcade of nearly every Star Wars-themed title in existence -- it's all there, from tiny scraps of promotional material to figures and busts all the way up to Han in carbonite.
Even Sansweet's story is interesting. He's been collecting since before the first film was even released, beginning with a discarded promo booklet thrown into the trash at the Wall Street Journal. Sansweet eventually went on to even work for LucasArts as the director of specialty marketing.
The best part of all, though, is that you can actually go and check out the museum. Tours are hosted by Sansweet himself.
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