Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How to Make Monkey Brain Cake (EXTREMELY HARD)

a Indiana Jones Monkey Brain Cake Monkey Birthday Cake Boys 4th bleeding slice.jpg

Found this deliciously scary cake of at forces of geek and i had to share it Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom had a greater impact on us then seeing the skull of a monkey used as a bowl for its own chilled brains.

To say that this image had an impact on xenophobia in this country is an understatement. To this day I will not set foot in India because I'm afraid that someone will force the same dessert offering on to me, and out of politeness I will have to suck down the memories of a primate against my will.

And yes, I do understand that this slightly bigoted belief is unfounded (I've already confirmed that this will not take place via several Indian friends) but that image is stuck down deep inside of me and there's nothing I can do about it...except perhaps make a Monkey Brain Cake out of Jello, chocolate, ganache and fondant and eat it,.

And how does one make a Monkey Brain Cake exactly?Some serious hard work i'm sure?

It can be done, although the process is highly intensive and will take three days to complete 

If you are up to the challenge then I visit Instructables user Bubble and Sweet's incredibly detailed How-to Instructions HERE as she walks you through the steps of creating a dessert that will help curb the phobia of people like me.

Of course, there is a good chance that upon completing this cake and revealing it at say, a child's b-day party, you might be scarring that kid for life, but at least it'll be funny to watch them scream as you down some jello brains: 

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