Monday, September 2, 2013

Best Thing Ever of the Day: BBC Sherlock "A Study In Watercolor" Portraits

The BBC "Sherlock" fandom has it tough. The wait is long, and there's been no end in sight. The BBC are trolling them. They can't even watch "Saturday Night Fever" anymore, because the sound of the Bee Gees triggers their PTSD. In this stressful time, some of the Sherlockians have found solace in creating fanart. And, let's face it, we all benefit from this because some of the fanart is absolutely stunning... like this set of watercolor portraits of the characters, for example. That's Molly above, and isn't she gorgeous?

Check out more amazing watercolor portraits below!

The paintings were created by DeviantArt user Gohush, and posted on Tumblr in all their stunning glory. Above is Sherlock, being seductively deductive as always in purple tones.

And, of course, where would Sherlock be without his blogger? Here's John Watson, probably on his way to Tesco to pick up milk and jam, in soft shades of blue.

Though Mrs. Hudson might be painted in sunny shades of orange and yellow, you'd best not forget, she's your landlady, dear, not your housekeeper!

Sultry dominatrix Irene Adler blazes in shades of red. Look at those cheekbones.  I could probably cut myself touching those.

Mycroft Holmes is as cold-blooded as the teals of his portrait, and he is not amused at being shipped with cake and his umbrella. (Lestrade, of course, is another question entirely.)

Whatever may be going on, DI Greg Lestrade is in various shades of blue and everything is very much not his division.

Master criminal and lord of London's seedy underbelly, Jim Moriarty's not concerned with stayin' alive - he's as green as a Slytherin and he owes you a fall.

I recommend checking out the full set side-by-side on DeviantArt, it looks even more awesome!

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