Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bad Robot Are Building A Special Star Wars Facility

Star Wars: Episode VII was set to film in London. But the film's director J.J. Abrams found a way to bring the production back to LA..

JJ Abram's Bad Robot production company is getting itself ready for the arrival of Star Wars, and that includes investing in a new post-production facility in LA.

Some of the reason for this probably has something to do with JJ Abrams' wanting to work closer to his home.  Its a sort of small secret that Abrams would not really want to shoot Star Wars: Episode VII, as has been announced.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Abrams has, so far, shot all of his films in LA, where he had even covered some of the extra costs on Star Trek Into Darkness to keep the production closer to him.

Apparently the new additions to the Bad Robot complex includes editing bays, a prop workshop and a screening room.

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