Thursday, August 1, 2013

Epic fan video cuts 50+ movies into greatest most epic sci-fi trailer ever

WOW when i first watched this trailer my jaw dropped i was wishing it was real.You know every sci-fi trailer these days try to play up the “epic-ness” of the story? Well, this is what happens when you take all those moments and chop them into a 6-minute masterpiece of intensity WOW.

The peeps Behind the Epic have decided to make the de-facto movie trailer of the year, and it’s guaranteed to get your blood pumping with excitment. It also makes us wonder what would happen if all these characters met in a awesome super-crossover.

They’ve included quite a list of flicks, ranging from The Dark Knight Rises to Pacific Rim to The Lord of the Rings and about everything in between.

Check out the trailer below and let me know how many flicks you recognize and what you think of the epicness of the trailer:

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